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We’ve moved to Spain



Map and Muse | Jocelyn moves to Spain


We have moved to Spain! We placed our material things in storage, settled our sweet dog Boomer in for an extended vacation with family and hit the road! Well, it is not as simple as that… and yet it is also as simple as that.

We are here for some sweet family time, to learn Spanish and to share the journey of living in another culture with our children. These three things guided our conviction that we do this, but there is a long list of whys to overwhelm the why nots, including: olive oil, Mediterranean swims, history, siestas, tapas, festivals, wine and of course, the Spanish themselves, whose extraordinary warmth and friendliness embraced us upon arrival.

How did we choose Spain? Where in Spain are we living? What about visas? Where are our children going to school? I’ll get to that a little later. At the moment I am actively listening to medieval church bells ringing outside my window, sipping my cooling café con leche and pausing for a moment to reflect on our time here so far. Sometime soon I’ll write it down and share it with you.