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Time Out Nyborg Island Denmark

JOURNAL,   EUROPE,   TIME OUT     /      September 8, 2016




Sometimes the best adventure is just being in the moment. In this moment, I was tired. We had been traveling all summer. I had been in and out of lakes and rivers from Provence to Prague, Slovenia to Switzerland… you get the picture. While the kids jumped in and out of the cold Danish waters, I called a “time out” and let myself down on the dock rail (like a wet towel hung out to dry.) I remember thinking how amazing it was that I could balance there and yet feel completely relaxed, on the edge of sleep.

As I lay there, with my body draped across that plank of wood, I listened. I listened to the joyful squeals and splashes and laughter of my kids and my husband and my friends and my friends’ kids, only a few meters away but dancing, seemingly, somewhere off in the distance.

I have had many wonderful moments on this island, the home of a dear friend. But when I think “Nyborg” now, and when I think “Denmark, summer”… this is what comes back to me and hopefully, always will.