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Portraits of Europe




Map and Muse loves Europe. Photographer Micael Nussbaumer is heading out on a European Tour and he's taking us along. Share the journey at

Micael AvatarMap + Muse friend and collaborator Micael Nussbaumer is embarking on a 12 city European tour and he’s taking us along for the ride! Micael’s photographs, like the above street style portrait of a bicyclist in Padua, Italy, are fresh, engaging and representative of his friendly personality. A professional photographer who loves to travel, Micael was born in Sweden and raised in Portugal. He will be traveling with his camera and staying with friends, snapping photos in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna and more. Lucky us: he’s promised to share his story in each place. Stay tuned…


Posted of May 10, 2014. Photo by Micael Nussbaumer.