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Finca Son Mico Mallorca





Two sisters standing at the entrance to a farmhouse called Finca Son Mico in Soller, Mallorca, Spain.

There is nothing quite like discovering Son Mico for the first time. Almost everyone stumbles upon the finca (manor house) on foot, while walking the GR211, the old postman’s route through the hills of Mallorca. Long ago, before there were tunnels and paved roads, the only way to get from one estate or mountain village to another – or to deliver mail – was to walk this stone path. Today we do it for pleasure. Especially the pleasure of meeting Isabelle and Ines, the sisters who own this little morsel of heaven.

Nestled halfway between seaside towns Deia and Sóller, up in the hills of the Serra de Tramuntana, to call Son Mico a bakery doesn’t do it justice. On an island of exceptional places, Son Mico is an exception.

Just baked tarts, pies and cakes. Freshly crushed Soller oranges. Coffee. Tea. Quiche. On warm days, we sit on the ever blooming garden terrace taking in the expansive views. On cold days, we huddle around a rustic wooden table next to a small fire in the dining room. We can enjoy Son Mico most of the year; it’s open everyday from the first of February thru the end of June and again between the first of September and the middle of November). Lucky us.

Spanish baking leaves a lot to be desired (some say it’s because they use margarine). But not to worry at Son Mico. Ines and Isabelle are of French origin, and it’s all about the butter. In fact, their family has a long history in Sóller, which was for centuries (before tunnels connected this remote northeastern part of the island to Mallorca’s main city Palma) a major trading partner with Marseille.

To get to Son Mico, we like to walk from Deia to Sóller. The pay-off at the end always makes it easier to get the kids on board, and and we often make the journey with friends. My youngest son loves meeting animals along the way: sheep, chickens, donkeys. He sometimes finds “treasures”; a tiny, and fortunately empty, birds nest was a recent favorite.

If you’re short on time, you can park just below the finca and avoid the walk all together. I only recently discovered this and I am glad I did. I was able to dash up with a group of visiting friends, and several young and tired children. It gave me the chance to see Ines and Isabelle again which is always a highlight. And my friends are still talking about the flavors, views and smiles that linger.


A dirt path lined with trees, grass, wildflowers and stone leading to Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.

View of the Mediterranean from a hiking trail in the hills of Mallorca, Spain.

A stunning, large tree blooming with pink flowers at Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.

White chars with pink velvet seats nested around small tables in the garden at Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.


A slice of chocolate pear cake at Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.


View of the hills surrounding the trail to Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.

Childrens hands cupping a small bird's nest that they found while walking on the trail to Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.

A photo of two sheep peeking out of a barn and a donkey that we met on the trail to Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.


Bright yellow orange flowers in a vase on a garden table at Finca Son Mico in Mallorca, Spain.

Interior detail of a blue glass bottle on a table with guidebooks, a traditional painting and a religious statue of a women holding a baby.