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Berlin photo journal



People at Berlin's biennal, 2014.


Micael AvatarFrom Micael Nussbaumer in Berlin, Germany.  Micael is a professional photographer who loves to travel. Born in Sweden and raised in Portugal, he’s on a European tour and he’s taking us along. Thanks Micael!


It was the first time I was in Berlin, actually, the first time I was in Germany. I was very curious about Berlin and had all these pre-conceived ideas about how the city would feel. Many people had already told me it was amazing. It was summer, so maybe that had something to do with it but nonetheless I found the city to be lovely. It’s quite multicultural and it has a neighborhood feeling throughout most of it, probably because it lacks tall buildings and it has a lot of green spaces, public spaces and well thought out streets.

In the summer Berliners make up for the lack of sea by enjoying the sun in public parks and city lakes. I could certainly live here, would definitely enjoy it.

I spent two weeks living at a friend’s place, a student’s house with other people, both living permanently as well as passing by (like the busking group from USA and Canada that crashed on a mattress for a few days while I was there). What amazed me was the relative openness of Berlin, the culture, music, places to hang-out, the safeness of it, the way people organize themselves. And you can find whatever you want, be it through formal ways, rich museums, parks, monuments, or informal happenings, like going to an electro party, or to a punk bar.


ME by Sara Ceriz.


Street art in Berlin.


Girls passing through the park with their bicycles.


People rowing a air-boat on a river in Berlin.



All photos by Micael Nussbaumer.