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Barcelona, a Photographer’s Journal

EUROPE,   CITY     /    OCTOBER 25, 2016



This story is from my friend Michael Nussbaumer, who is traveling the world with his camera. Thanks Michael!

I arrived in Barcelona through a shared ride from Madrid. I stayed with some friends I’d met during my time in Padua, Italy. We strolled the streets, went to the beach and visited Mont Juic. We visited a gathering/demonstration for the restitution of an unused complex of buildings to the local community. We saw some museums. Besides that we, of course, had some delicious food, beers and wine as the weather was inviting already. It’s a lovely city, one where I would happily live. It has history and at the same time is contemporary. At that time there was some expectation about the demand for independence from Spain and most of my friends were avid separatists, so we talked a lot about it. Barcelona is a city with lots of political activity going on and a strong street movement, DIY politics. Besides that, graffiti is to be found in many places and it just reinforces the feeling that below the touristic industry there’s a strong movement that wishes to reclaim the public space and the city itself to their own citizens, instead of focusing on tourism that leads to the loss of the very characteristics that made the city internationally loved.


Beautiful building facade in Barcelona.


Catalonia's flag on a window.Catalonia’s flag in a window.

Graffiti in a street of BarcelonaContra means “against.”

Sculpture at Villa Olimpica neighbourhood in Barcelona.


Micael in front of a graffiti in Barcelona.The photographer, Michael.

Basking on Barcelona's metro.


“Hello World”, installation by Christopher Baker.


Eric Kessels’ 24HRs in photos installationEric Kessels’ 24HRs in photos installation.

Late night stroll through Barcelona